I love North Carolina Mountains!!!

We’re in the mountains this week since H is in DC on a school trip. I love the off-season. Nobody is here, so it’s easy to get reservations and the traffic is almost non-existent. The lake is so beautiful, it’s crystal clear and the sun makes it look like sparkling diamonds. Rosie (our black lab who needs to lose weight due to arthritis at the young age of 3), was so excited, and even though the weather is pretty cold (snow last night), she jumped in the lake and swam like crazy. We bought new chaise lounges for the deck and watched the sun set and listened to … nothing, really. Some ducks and the sound of the wind chimes on the deck.

I miss my daughter. I wish she was with us, but she is having a great time with her class in DC. This place is so perfect, it makes missing her a little bit easier.