All girl’s high school interview

H had her interview today for the all girl’s high school. I went back and forth with what to tell her to prepare her for the interview and in the end, I decided just to tell her to be herself, shake the hand of the interviewer, say “yes ma’am and no ma’am”, and try not to say “like” every other word. I think that was a good plan. She felt very confident and comfortable, and the interviewer had wonderful things to say about her after it was over. We still have mixed emotions about the whole thing. I think I’m very comfortable with her changing schools. I feel like a change would be good, but J still has reservations. He’s so loyal and feels very comfortable where she is. We’ll just wait and see whether she gets accepted and then deal with the decision at that time. H is leaning towards making the change.

Here’s info from a study of almost 5,000 alumnae from all girl’s schools:

• 91% cited preparation for college and academic challenge as very good or excellent

• 88% would repeat the girls’ school experience

• 83% perceived themselves to be better prepared for college than female counterparts from co-ed high schools

• 93% agreed that girls’ schools provide greater leadership opportunities than co-ed schools; 80% had held leadership positions since graduating from high school

• 13% intended to major in math or science, significantly more than females and males nationally (2% and 10% respectively)

I just like the idea that the whole boy aspect is eliminated from the classroom. No distractions from the learning process. Plenty of time for that in college…