Teenage girls are slobs!

This weekend H had a friend stay with us. Her parents went out of town, so we picked her up from school on Friday and she stayed till Sunday. Of course, H loves having friends over…since she’s an only child, friends become like family to us. Luckily for J, they stay confined pretty much to her room, the “hangout room” upstairs, and her study area, so we don’t have to trip over the junk. What is it about getting teenage girls together that makes them become such pigs? It doesn’t happen when H is at home by herself, and I feel pretty certain her friends don’t live like this every day at home. All of the sudden, their “stuff” just seems to multiply. For the first few hours I tried to just leave them alone, but whenever I went upstairs for something, the mess just kept calling out to me. So I picked up 42 sweatshirts, 58 socks, multiple shoes, candy wrappers, empty drink bottles, dirty dishes, hairbrushes, cameras, cell phones, cell phone chargers, DS games, backpacks, books, pens, blankets, pillows, basketballs, pizza box, lip gloss, …and then an hour later it was all back out! Aagghhhhhh….